PSpice Introduction

Language: English

Program: OrCAD Capture and PSpice

Version: 2019 (17.4)

Access: 100 days

Material: How-to videos

Workload: 8 hrs


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This training course contains all the information needed for getting started with PSpice. You will learn to work with the flow between Capture and PSpice, setting up simulation profiles, and creating different analysis types for simulation. The course teaches you how to run simulations on your schematics, and how to examine the results of these simulations.


  • Introduction
  • Using schematics with PSpice
  • PSpice file structure
  • Bias Point analysis and DC Sweep
  • AC and noise analysis
  • Parametric sweep
  • Transient analysis
  • Working with PSpice models

Learning objectives

After the course, the user will know how to:

  • Create and work with PSpice projects
  • Understand the flow between Capture and PSpice
  • Set up simulation profiles
  • Simulate circuits with different analysis types
  • Use PSpice models and makes changes to them